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After Tove had written Sculptor’s Daughter, she and Tooti travelled to Paris and the Cité des Artes artists’ home.

‘I think I find the city as intense as when I came for the very first time,” Tove wrote to Ham.

The numerous student riots and political unrest of that spring remained a sideshow, as Tove and Tooti were already on their way to Brittany by early April.

However, the murder of civil rights activist and pastor Martin Luther King on 4 April 1968 deeply upset her.

Tove and Tooti had been seeking the authentic Brittany, and they found it in the small village of Ploumanche. Here they enjoyed nature, hiking along the beaches, picking spring flowers, and drawing. On the way, they also visited friends and colleagues.

‘It’s funny how I have to travel to France to meet my colleagues,’ Tove wrote.